List of Higher Education Institutions in Albania - Public and Private

In Albania, there are both public and private higher education institutions.

Public Higher Education Institutions 

  • University of Tirana
  • Polytechnic University of Tirana
  • University of Agriculture, Tirana
  • Armed Forces Academy
  • Academy of Albanological Studies
  • Security Academy
  • Sports University of Tirana
  • University of Arts, Tirana
  • University of Medicine, Tirana
  • Aleksander Moisiu University
  • Luigj Gurakuqi University
  • Aleksander Xhuvani University
  • Eqrem Cabej University
  • Fan Noli University
  • Ismail Qemali University

Private Higher Education Institutions

  • Albanian University
  • Aldent University
  • Beder University
  • Canadian Institute of Technology
  • Our Lady of Good Counsel University
  • Epoka University
  • European University of Tirana
  • Ivodent Academy
  • Logos University College
  • Luarasi University
  • Marin Barleti University
  • Marubi Academy of Film and Multimedia
  • Mediterranean University of Albania
  • Metropolitan University of Tirana
  • Nehemiah Gateway University
  • Professional College of Tirana
  • Polis University
  • Qiriazi University College
  • Tirana Business University College
  • University College of Business
  • Pavaresia University
  • Academy of Applied Studies "Reald"
  • University of New York, Tirana
  • Wisdom University
  • Epitech Albania
  • Tirana Esthetics and Style School
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