List of Higher Education Institutions in Albania - Public and Private

In Albania, there are both public and private higher education institutions.

Public Higher Education Institutions 

  • University of Tirana 
  • Polytechnic University of Tirana 
  •  Agricultural University of Tirana 
  • University "Luigi Gurakuqi" Shkodra 
  • University "Alexander Xhuvani" Elbasan 
  • University "Fan S. Noli" Korce 
  • University "Ismail Kamal" Vlora 
  • University "Eqrem Cabej" Gjirokastra 
  • University "Aleksander Moisiu" Durres 
  • University of Arts in Tirana 
  • Sports University of Tirana 
  • Studies Center Albanological 
  • Defense Academy "Spiro Moisiu" 
  • Academy of Arts Shkodra  
  • Medical University of Tirana

Private Higher Education Institutions

  • Universiteti i New York-ut ne Tirane 
  • SHLUP "Luarasi" 
  • Universiteti Privat "Albanian University" 
  • Universiteti Katolik "Zoja e Keshillit te Mire" 
  • Akademia e Filmit dhe Multimedias "Marubi" 
  • SHLUP "Universiteti "Marin Barleti"" 
  • SHLUP "Universiteti Kristal"
  • SHLUP "Justiniani I"
  • SHLUP "Sevasti dhe Parashqevi Qiriazi"
  • Universiteti Europian i Tiranes 
  • SHLUP "Justicia"
  • Universiteti Aldent 
  • SHLUP "Medikadent"
  • SHLUP "Wisdom University" 
  • Universiteti Polis 
  • SHLUP "Shkolla e Larte Amerikane e Tiranes"
  • Universiteti Epoka 
  • Kolegji Profesional Privat "Luigj Benussi"
  • SHLUP "Shkolla e Larte Nehemia" 
  • SHLUP "Shkolla e Larte Europiane per Turizmin"
  •  SHLUP "Shkolla e Larte Nena Mbretereshe, Geraldine"
  • SHLUP "Shkolla e Larte ILLYRIA"
  • Kolegji Profesional Privat, "Dentarium - AL"
  • Shkolla e Larte Private Mesdhetare e Shqiperise 
  • Kolegji Profesional Privat “Ivoclar Vivadent&Partners"
  • SHLUP "Pavaresia" 
  • SHLUP "Shkolla e Larte Nderkombetare e Tiranes"
  • SHLUP "Vitrina"
  • Kolegji Profesional Privat, "New Generation”
  • Kolegjet Profesionale, Private, “Medicom”
  • Shkolla e Larte Private e Edukimit
  • SHLUP "Logos" 
  • SHLUP "Universiteti Planetar i Tiranes"
  • SHLUP "Universiteti Metropolitan Tirana" 
  • SHLUP "Gjon Buzuku"
  • SHLUP "Universiteti Elite"
  • SHLUP “Tirana Business University” 
  • SHLUP “Hena e plote” (BEDER) 
  • Akademia Profesionale e Biznesit 
  • Akademia e Studimeve te Aplikuara "REALD" 
  • Akademia e Studimeve te Aplikuara, Durres
  • Akademia e Ndertimit e Tiranes
  • SHLUP "Instituti Kanadez i Teknologjise" 
  • Akademia Pedagogjike
  • Kolegji profesional “ARGENT”
  • Kolegji Profesional i Sporteve, Fier
 Source: Public Accreditation Agency for Higher Education
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